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Arrowmont yesterday posted an update regarding the ONGOING property negotiations. The last deal may have fallen through,  but as Save Arrowmont has stated previously, Arrowmont is NOT off the hook. The land and everything on it remains for sale. The fact the Fraternity wouldn’t extend the current lease only underscores this fact. Luckily, Arrowmont seems to have several very serious and solid offers for land/buildings/SUPPORT since relocation seems inevitable. Hopefully, Arrowmont leadership will act swiftly and take advantage of the goodwill and genuine community support from outlying areas. Three years is a very short time to move an entire small village. (more…)


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A new editorial in the Knoxville News-Sentinel discusses Arrowmont’s future. Most significant:

“Locals need to get involved. Gatlinburg needs some rules about what happens to that property. (The Arrowmont location has) the only green grass growing in Gatlinburg. (The Pi Phi property) did so much for Gatlinburg. They don’t need to give it to a developer.”


Gatlinburg Mayor Mike Werner, who owns land in the development area, is pro-development. Pi Phi, according to some sources, could use the cash from a sale.

Going forward, Werner should recuse himself from any official discussions about the Arrowmont property, since he stands to profit personally.

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While most of us are pretty darn upset with what is occurring with Arrowmont, rightfully so, solid information is scarce. In reading the last few newspaper articles and the attached comments from people all over, however, we’ve noted some compelling points that we (well, a few of us) think should be brought into the discussion. Gatlinburg doesn’t seem to want them, and even if the resort monstrosity carved out their section and left Arrowmont in place, the haven (more…)

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