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News from the Knoxville News-Sentinel regarding a Pi Phi Foundation grant.

GATLINBURG – The philanthropic arm of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity is giving $150,000 to Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg to boost the school’s ability to make money.

The grant, the single largest by Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Foundation to the school, will be used primarily to build Arrowmont’s marketing and development capabilities, according to an announcement from Pi Beta Phi Foundation.


Press Release from Arrowmont/Pi Phi Foundation, excerpt:

The grant was made possible through a bequest to Pi Beta Phi Foundation from Mrs. Aileen Aylsworth Welgan, a loyal member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity and long-standing supporter of the Foundation.  Her devotion to both Pi Beta Phi and Arrowmont motivated Mrs. Welgan to bequeath a gift to the Foundation restricted for Arrowmont use.



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Keeping their options open: Arrowmont still seeks to buy land or relocate

Arrowmont’s lease with Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women expires in August 2011, and the fraternity “is not willing to extend the lease at this time,” Arrowmont Executive Director David Willard says on the school’s Web site.

“We understand that it is still their intention to sell the land at some point in the future,” Willard says in a Web site update on the land situation. “The fraternity has title to the land and it appears that Arrowmont does not have anything other than our lease to secure our position on the property. With this in mind, we are moving forward on several fronts.”
The Mountain Press broke the story in August that persons both locally and out of Sevier County were negotiating with Pi Beta Phi to buy the property and more surrounding it. They planned a $500 million development that would include a water park, four hotels, four shopping plazas and more. They were working through David Perella, the city’s tourism director. That deal fell apart and the fraternity withdrew from negotiations to sell the land.

“Due to the economic crisis, we were not surprised the development has not proceeded as planned,” Pi Beta Phi Grand President Emily Tarr said at the time. “We continue to remain committed to the best long-term interests of the Gatlinburg community as we have for nearly 100 years. We will stay focused on developing our literacy initiatives consistent with the mission of Pi Beta Phi.” 

Willard said the Arrowmont board is “investigating the possibility of purchasing the land.”

That means the school is seeking to have the property appraised and then figure out if it can raise the millions needed to buy it. Arrowmont leases 14 acres from Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for Women.

“At the same time,” Willard said, “we are looking at the possibility of relocating the school. Several individuals and organizations have expressed interest in having Arrowmont in their communities. We are evaluating every location and considering the ramifications and financial commitment that will be needed to move.”

He didn’t name those communities, but it is known that Townsend is trying to attract Arrowmont.

“As you can imagine, both of these scenarios are complicated and challenging,” Willard said. “Staff, board members and community friends are working hard to gather information that will help inform our decisions. This process will continue until we have enough data to make a recommendation that we believe will ensure the future stability and success of the organization.”

Willard insists the board is not considering closing Arrowmont.

“We are committed to continuing workshops, community classes, auctions, and gallery exhibitions, as well as all of our other programs,” he said.

For those wanting to help, he urged them to take classes or encourage others to take classes.

“Make a gift to the Friends of Arrowmont Annual Fund,” he said. “We need your financial support now to stay strong as we operate through this crisis, evaluate our options, and to cover the fees and expenses of our planning. The gift you make now will make sure that we are ready to move forward when the time comes.” 


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Arrowmont yesterday posted an update regarding the ONGOING property negotiations. The last deal may have fallen through,  but as Save Arrowmont has stated previously, Arrowmont is NOT off the hook. The land and everything on it remains for sale. The fact the Fraternity wouldn’t extend the current lease only underscores this fact. Luckily, Arrowmont seems to have several very serious and solid offers for land/buildings/SUPPORT since relocation seems inevitable. Hopefully, Arrowmont leadership will act swiftly and take advantage of the goodwill and genuine community support from outlying areas. Three years is a very short time to move an entire small village. (more…)

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A new post on Josh Flory’s Property Scope blog discusses the new Arrowmont FAQ posted yesterday.

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Arrowmont plans mentioned at the bottom of article.

Gatlinburg site plan passes :
Business : Knoxville News Sentinel

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Someone claiming to be Lee Reagan posted criticism against Greg Johnson’s article “Profiteers aim at the heart of Gatlinburg” yesterday–in the comments section of the article rather than talking to any number of journalists about his mega-development replacing the Arrowmont campus. His statements raise more questions for many. The main one: What’s with all the secrecy if this “stylish, upscaled, fantastic” development is so wonderful? (more…)

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Josh Flory breaks the “news” (which was revealed in Arrowmont’s prior statement) that Arrowmont has hired an attorney.
Arrowmont hires attorney, warns against ‘devastating’ sale :
Local News : Knoxville News Sentinel

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