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The Mountain Press

In fact the shop isn’t even part of Arrowmont school. To get to the school you have to take the road to the left of the shop up the hill. Do so and walk around the campus and you’ll see what everybody is so concerned about.


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 A bit of this and that (Editor Stan Voit’s weekly column)

Not since we dared to cancel Ann Coulter’s column two years ago have I seen so many people so riled up as they seem to be about this $500 million proposed development for Gatlinburg and what it might do to Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts. Nearly every post to our Web site in response to the story we broke two weeks ago has been in opposition (more…)

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The Mountain Press today had a frontpage article (online version shorter than the paper) and an Editorial about the $500 million development project, which includes the Arrowmont property. Others are talking about it as well. Also see this article on Gatlinburg’s future.

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