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By funding and developing The Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Pi Beta Phi Fraternity made a tremendous difference in the community of Gatlinberg along with an unprecedented contribution to the world of 20th Century Art.The school in turn has given to Phi Beta Phi a world renowned reputation in academic and educational fields that is of far greater value to the Fraternity than any amount of money they will receive in the sale of the property that houses this unique institution. The selfish aims of the developers (and perhaps along with some of the members of the Fraternity who do not fully understand the value of what they have supported for so long) would destroy any good will that has been developed between the artistic and educational communities associated with the School. The Fraternity has been long recognized for its philanthropic gifts to underfunded aspects of the American Culture. Why sell a pearl in your necklace of shinning achievements for a quick night on the town? What Arrowmont offers to the surrounding community and nation is of great value to this world and is of far greater benefit to humanity than a few new condos for an already over Disneyfied Gatlinburg. Why not join the ranks of all of the rest of America’s great benefactors and preserve this oasis for the betterment of humanity. Isn’t that, after all, the underlying purpose of belonging to a Fraternity?

 Ray Pierotti, Director, 1976-78


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