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Yesterday’s Knoxville News-Sentinel posted “Priority project seeks to address Gatlinburg’s challenges” in which Geoff Wolperts discusses the Priority Gatlinburg Project. He made several statements regarding Arrowmont:

Highlighting local crafts, products and regional cuisine are among the unique attributes that Gatlinburg should be taking advantage of when entertaining visitors, Wolpert said.

The architecture and feel of the town should be of native materials and the colors of a rustic mountain setting, he said. “It all adds up.”

To make all this a reality, Wolpert said, will require a high degree of community leadership. And he hopes the recent dust-up over the future of the Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts raises the profile of some of these issues.

The sale of the downtown acreage where Arrowmont sits, he said, is not a dead issue.

“It’s not going away. It’s going to come back” as Pi Beta Phi women’s fraternity continues to seek a buyer for the property.

“I would rather have leadership come together,” he said, “and define and visualize and state what they want the community to be and then work for it to be that.”


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Townsend city leaders continue their bid for Arrowmont to move to the quiet side of the Smokies. Take advantage of this tremendous outpouring of support, Arrowmont leaders! 

Seasonal Townsend? :
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Someone claiming to be Lee Reagan posted criticism against Greg Johnson’s article “Profiteers aim at the heart of Gatlinburg” yesterday–in the comments section of the article rather than talking to any number of journalists about his mega-development replacing the Arrowmont campus. His statements raise more questions for many. The main one: What’s with all the secrecy if this “stylish, upscaled, fantastic” development is so wonderful? (more…)

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This is taken from Ira Lapides’ website, you can read more here.



   Given that my opponent has taken so much PAC money from the associations that represent realtors and land developers I would be interested in hearing his stance on the issue of selling the Arrowmont School property. The sale of a piece of our communities heritage to these tree-cutting, mountain-top clearing builders of Gatlinburg’s future (more…)

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