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News from the Knoxville News-Sentinel regarding a Pi Phi Foundation grant.

GATLINBURG – The philanthropic arm of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity is giving $150,000 to Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts in Gatlinburg to boost the school’s ability to make money.

The grant, the single largest by Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Foundation to the school, will be used primarily to build Arrowmont’s marketing and development capabilities, according to an announcement from Pi Beta Phi Foundation.


Press Release from Arrowmont/Pi Phi Foundation, excerpt:

The grant was made possible through a bequest to Pi Beta Phi Foundation from Mrs. Aileen Aylsworth Welgan, a loyal member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity and long-standing supporter of the Foundation.  Her devotion to both Pi Beta Phi and Arrowmont motivated Mrs. Welgan to bequeath a gift to the Foundation restricted for Arrowmont use.



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The News-Sentinel finally picked up the update on Arrowmont’s land and lease. Additionally, Josh Flory has a trite haiku retrospective boiling 2008 property news, including the Arrowmont debacle.

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Yesterday’s Knoxville News-Sentinel posted “Priority project seeks to address Gatlinburg’s challenges” in which Geoff Wolperts discusses the Priority Gatlinburg Project. He made several statements regarding Arrowmont:

Highlighting local crafts, products and regional cuisine are among the unique attributes that Gatlinburg should be taking advantage of when entertaining visitors, Wolpert said.

The architecture and feel of the town should be of native materials and the colors of a rustic mountain setting, he said. “It all adds up.”

To make all this a reality, Wolpert said, will require a high degree of community leadership. And he hopes the recent dust-up over the future of the Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts raises the profile of some of these issues.

The sale of the downtown acreage where Arrowmont sits, he said, is not a dead issue.

“It’s not going away. It’s going to come back” as Pi Beta Phi women’s fraternity continues to seek a buyer for the property.

“I would rather have leadership come together,” he said, “and define and visualize and state what they want the community to be and then work for it to be that.”

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The News-Sentinel published an article regarding the cancelled Arrowmont property sale. Again, we caution against thinking Arrowmont is safe, a sale could still take place with other buyers. Emily Tarr is determined to unload what she considers a Pi Phi legacy of just “dirt.” This is not a person who values that they are the ONLY fraternity/sorority to OWN its philanthropy. And clearly, she does not value artistic endeavors. She probably buys Kincaids and makes certain everything matches the drapes and couch. Tarr’s tenure continues beyond Halloween, and that’s pretty scary. Let’s hope the Arrowmont leadership doesn’t bite the apple that Tarr just handed them only to fall into a complacent coma.

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A new editorial in the Knoxville News-Sentinel discusses Arrowmont’s future. Most significant:

“Locals need to get involved. Gatlinburg needs some rules about what happens to that property. (The Arrowmont location has) the only green grass growing in Gatlinburg. (The Pi Phi property) did so much for Gatlinburg. They don’t need to give it to a developer.”


Gatlinburg Mayor Mike Werner, who owns land in the development area, is pro-development. Pi Phi, according to some sources, could use the cash from a sale.

Going forward, Werner should recuse himself from any official discussions about the Arrowmont property, since he stands to profit personally.

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The Knoville News-Sentinel follows up the Mountain Press article with Lori Reagan, who states the project isn’t dead. No surprise there, the Mountain Press article was essentially “reporting” that the mayor heard the same rumor as lots of people.

via Developer backs out of Arrowmont entertainment complex :
Local News : Knoxville News Sentinel

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The Knoxville News-Sentinel published an OP-ED from Pi Phi and former Arrowmont Board member Barbara Beville 9/28/08

Beville: Alternative thinking needed for Arrowmont :
Perspectives : Knoxville News Sentinel

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