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Arrowmont yesterday posted an update regarding the ONGOING property negotiations. The last deal may have fallen through,  but as Save Arrowmont has stated previously, Arrowmont is NOT off the hook. The land and everything on it remains for sale. The fact the Fraternity wouldn’t extend the current lease only underscores this fact. Luckily, Arrowmont seems to have several very serious and solid offers for land/buildings/SUPPORT since relocation seems inevitable. Hopefully, Arrowmont leadership will act swiftly and take advantage of the goodwill and genuine community support from outlying areas. Three years is a very short time to move an entire small village. (more…)


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The Mountain Press today published an article regarding the Arrowcraft shop’s worries for its future should the Pi Beta Phi Fraternity sell the land. 


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A new post on Josh Flory’s Property Scope blog discusses the new Arrowmont FAQ posted yesterday.

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