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The Mountain Press

In fact the shop isn’t even part of Arrowmont school. To get to the school you have to take the road to the left of the shop up the hill. Do so and walk around the campus and you’ll see what everybody is so concerned about.


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New article in Mountain Press by Stan Voit

You have to talk to people like Gerda Carmichael, a 78-year-old resident of Birmingham, Ala. She has been a student at Arrowmont many times, often driving by herself to attend a week of classes. (more…)

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Of special interest to those wanting to preserve Arrowmont.

For the past year, filmmakers Jamie Ross and Ross Spears have worked with faculty and staff members of the University of Tennessee on their newest documentary, “Appalachia: A History of Mountains and People.”

Series on Appalachia to premiere :
Local News : Knoxville News Sentinel

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Insiders and outsiders ponder Arrowmont’s fate and what it means for the future of traditional crafts in East Tennessee.

Talk About the Passion :
City Beat : Metro Pulse

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Tennessee Guy new post with some compelling recommendations, such as:

Pi Phi is going to make a killing with this land deal, so they need to use some of their proceeds to do the following:

  • Honor the Arrowmont lease that extends until 2011, yet
  • Cover the costs Arrowmont will incur in finding a new home–ideally ASAP, and
  • Pay the costs of Arrowmont’s move, including new construction and renovations, then
  • Contribute endowment funds to strengthen the School for years to come

Arrowmont: Escape from Gatlinburg « Tennessee Guy.

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Josh Flory breaks the “news” (which was revealed in Arrowmont’s prior statement) that Arrowmont has hired an attorney.
Arrowmont hires attorney, warns against ‘devastating’ sale :
Local News : Knoxville News Sentinel

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This was shared with Save Arrowmont today by Nancy Tinker, Senior Program Officer of the Southern Office of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. This was sent to David Willard, director of Arrowmont. Thank you, Ms. Tinker, for your help and for sharing with us this important news. This may help answer some questions and possible confusion of the public regarding the historic status of the Arrowmont facilities. The email is below.
National Trust letter    


Thank you for contacting the Southern Office of the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  As I am the National Trust staff who provides technical assistance to the State of Tennessee, your query has been directed to me.  I am pleased to provide assistance.
In mid-August, Susan Knowles contacted me and Claudette Stager at the Tennessee Historical Commission regarding proposals recommended for Gatlinburg’s Arrowmont campus.  The National Trust provided a letter of support, and addressed the letter to David Williard, Arrowmont’s director.  Copies were provided Ms. Knowles, THC staff, as well as Emily Tarr, Pi Beta Phi Grand President.  A copy of this letter has been attached above.  
Nancy C. Tinker
Are you a National Trust member?  Learn more at www.nationaltrust.org.  

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