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Finally, someone said it: Action not words or class signup are needed, so … Where’s Willard‘s lead? Gee, shouldn’t the DIRECTOR of Arrowmont utilize the public support and, hmm, let’s think…START A CAPITAL CAMPAIGN? 

Arrowmont: auctions or actions? « Tennessee Guy.


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Tennessee Guy new post with some compelling recommendations, such as:

Pi Phi is going to make a killing with this land deal, so they need to use some of their proceeds to do the following:

  • Honor the Arrowmont lease that extends until 2011, yet
  • Cover the costs Arrowmont will incur in finding a new home–ideally ASAP, and
  • Pay the costs of Arrowmont’s move, including new construction and renovations, then
  • Contribute endowment funds to strengthen the School for years to come

Arrowmont: Escape from Gatlinburg « Tennessee Guy.

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